Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Right Direction

The Triangle region of NC is about a two-hour drive from the coast, so those of us living here experienced only the outer fringe of the fringe of Hurricane Irene - blustery winds and periods of rain.  Grey skies prevailed instead of the normal expanse of clear Carolina blue.  Yesterday, a friend urged me to notice the clouds because they were going in the wrong direction, something that happens rarely in one's lifetime, if at all.  Even from hundreds of miles away, Irene's winds influenced the path of the clouds.

Now that Finding Felicity is published, I find myself thinking about my next book and what direction to take.  So many new ideas have sprung forward, and I feel caught between writing the book I think I should write, and writing the book that I want to write.  Of course, I want to write them all!  So much writing to do ... and so little time!  What direction should I take?  Watching the clouds, I realized that whatever direction I take is the perfect direction.  Publishing, tastes, and trends change like the winds.  Storm today.  Gone tomorrow.   Have faith, I tell myself.  Writing that comes from the heart will always be received and read in its perfect time.

In the meantime, let us turn our thoughts and prayers to all those on the East Coast as Irene treks on.

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